About Us

Stanley Services is based in Stanley Productions, 10-11 Percy Street, London, W1T 1DN. All your Film and Video tape needs in one place

Stanley Services

For those who knew us in the Stanley Productions days we can assure you we are still offering the same high-quality servicing and repairs on industrial VTR equipment and Cameras. Nothing has changed, we’re still here, same people, same equipment, same commitment to delivering a great service.Now at even more competitive prices at our new office in Stanley Productions, 10-11 Percy street.

Here’s what we do;

  • Servicing and Repair to VTR Equipment
  • Servicing and Repair to Camera’s
  • Cine Film Transfers, Super 8 & Standard 8 etc..
  • 16mm Film Transfers
  • All Vintage Video Tape format transfers
  • Professional tape format transfers to Mac Files or PC Files
  • Audio Transfers